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All phases of residential and commercial excavating, including;

  • Complete Residential and Commercial foundations & backfill;  meeting county & engineering specifications and exceeding industry     standards for landscape aesthetics (we also: finish & repair/improve incomplete sites; to meet compliance)
  • Road construction - including driveways (all types), drainage (culverts), repairs; gravel, road base & recycled asphalt paving, asphalt   (subcontracted).
  • Septic systems; leach fields; replace, repair (service lines; tanks, leach fields)
  • City water & sewer; main work and service work
  • Well waterlines, install & repair
  • All types electrical lines - excavate and backfill
  • All types of gas lines; propane, natural gas - excavate & backfill 
  • Site preparation & clearing (tree clearing)
  •  Demolition/ reclamation; demolition & haul off structures, reclaim site/land.
  • Boulder retaining walls & terrain landscaping (no planting);  including ponds & water features 
  • Out building excavations; arenas, barns, detached garages, shops, and additions
  • All types of rock excavation; ripping, rock breaking, jack-hammering, and blasting (subcontracted)
  • All types of hauling; tandem axel dump trucks
  • Wild Land Fire Fighting: federally registered contractor (see seal below) and Red Card Certified; providing heavy equipment support for wild land fire fighting efforts (as we provided in the North Fork Fire). 

We are excavating professionals - no job too large or small

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